St. Martin's Episcopal Church Houston PLC
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St. Martins Episcopal Church Christ Chapel
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St. Martins Episcopal Church Int SG Chapel
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Saint Martin's Episcopal Church 2021, Houston, Texas

St. Martin's Episcopal Church 2021

Location: Houston, Texas

St.Martin's Episcopal Church embarked on an ambitious completion of their master plan: ​five new buildings, five renovated buildings, and six new courtyards. This concludes a 22-year, three master plan relationship with Jackson & Ryan Architects. The massive undertaking was completed in one phase, yet still allowing for all functions of the church to remain open in the existing buildings that were not being renovated. The new buildings include: the Parish Life Center, a building for contemporary worship; a new Children’s Life Center, a building for elementary age religious education; a new central plant; a new Pastoral Center; and a new Music Center. The renovated buildings include: Activity Center; Welcome Center; Christ Chapel; Payne Administration Center; and the Preschool. The courtyards, each with their own character and purpose, include: Christus Garden; Crosswalk Garden; Peace Garden; Pastoral Garden; Chapel Reception Garden; and the Nativity Garden.

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