South Shore District
Austin, Texas

Jackson & Ryan Architects completed Phases 1B and 1C of the Grayco Partners 37-acre mixed-use Town Lake development in Austin, Texas. Phase 1B has 162 units on top of a two-level garage that serves the residents and the street level retail. Phase 1C has a separate stand-alone garage that serves the adjacent 96 apartment units as well as the retail space on the street level.

The exterior palette of materials selected for South Shore District has become identified with quality Austin real estate development for a range of building types, from residential to institutional, commercial and civic structures. The combination of natural Austin limestone with plaster and contrasting accents of metal wall panels, fascias and parapet cap trim has emerged over the last 30 years as Austin's modern regional vernacular.

Rhythmic stone wall panels are utilized for the garage and the first level of residences above the podium. These panels integrate with the residential terraces above, forming large scale architecturally screened openings that provide daylight and natural ventilation for the garage. The overall effect is to give increased visual interest and a cohesive unity to the retail and residential elevations.

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