Paws and Claws Humane Society
Rochester, Minnesota

The Paws and Claws Humane Society is an animal adoption facility. The building includes kennels, kennel support spaces and a double-height public lobby surrounded by cat adoption rooms. Clerestory windows on three sides of the lobby provide extra light to both the cats and the visiting public. The design includes areas that Paws and Claws hopes to build in the future such as a multipurpose room and expansion of the kennels and cat areas.

All the cats receive light from multiple directions. The cats that live in condos have fresh air flowing into the condo and out through ducts that are connected to concealed litter box compartments. The cats that live in colonies have projecting window perches that allow them to spy on visitors approaching the shelter.

The kennels are divided into four separate rooms, which are acoustically sealed from the rest of the shelter. A centralized wash-down system minimizes the amount of time that staff need to spend sanitizing kennels. Each kennel room has natural lighting and a direct connection to its own exercise yard, so staff can let the dogs go straight from the kennel to the yard. The grounds also include a large dog park where the dogs can go for a serious run. New dogs spend their first days in the shelter in the quarantine kennel room. Each quarantined dog has both an interior pen and an exterior pen.

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