Houston SPCA Campus for All Animals
Houston, Texas

In 1988, Jackson & Ryan Architects first met with the Houston SPCA to discuss their new facility. For the next three decades, we have collaborated on new approaches to innovative animal shelters, services to the community, and the animals they protect. The new Houston SPCA campus is now the most advanced, comprehensive animal shelter in the country, serving more than 50,000 animals annually,  including dogs and cats, as well as horses, native wildlife, exotics, reptiles, and other  mammals.

The Houston SPCA is truly a Campus for All Animals. The 12-acre site includes extensive facilities designed to support the health and rehabilitation of all animals. The campus includes the Adoption Center and two dog parks, as well as green spaces for the visitors, Animal Medical Center, Wildlife Center of Texas and Wildlife Flight Complex, Equine and Farm Animals Center, Education Center, Veterinary Student Residence, and a Donor Courtyard and Screen.

The Adoption Center showcases pets available for adoption in pleasant environments that are odor and stress free, allowing them to stay healthy and happy while in the care of the Houston SPCA. The Animal Medical Center is a state-of-the-art, AAHA-certified animal hospital and rehabilitation center that provides services for shelter animals, as well as those owned by the public, with exam rooms, surgical suites, and stress-free animal housing environments. 

The Wildlife Center of Texas and Wildlife Flight Complex cares for approximately 10,000 wild animals each year and educates more than 50,000 adults and children about wildlife, conservation, and the environment. The Equine and Farm Animals Center rehabilitates animals back to healthy living with needed veterinary care and reinforcement through positive human bonding. Adjacent to the barn are paddocks and an arena for exercise, as well as supporting additional functions when more space is needed to handle unplanned situations such as disaster recovery efforts.

The Veterinary Student Residence is designed to house fourth-year Texas A&M University veterinary students completing a required, graded rotation at the Houston SPCA. The Education Center can accommodate up to 400 people for fund-raising events. It also has flexible open space for various programs including the education of​ staff, the public, animal welfare leaders, and children. The Donor Courtyard provides additional function space for the Education Center, as well as space for donor recognition.

The “Urban Ranch” architectural style of the new Houston SPCA campus is based on Texas country vernacular. The masonry used is limestone concrete block, the metal wall panels match the limestone color, the wood trim is cedar, and the roof is a simple metal panel. The site is a combination of paddocks, dog parks, and parking. The final effect is a campus that feels like it is just as comfortable in a crowded bustling city as it would be on a peaceful country ranch.


2019 Houston Business Journal Landmark Award Finalist

2018 AGC Houston APEX Award Winner

2018 ASA Project of the Year

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