The Women's Home - Family Housing Project, Houston, Texas

The Women's Home - Family Housing Project

Location: Houston, Texas

The Women's Home affordable housing project for women and their children will include an 84-unit apartment complex and a community building. The apartment complex will consist of a four-story building with exterior walkways, exterior stairways, an elevator, and laundry and storage rooms. The apartment units will surround a large open courtyard, which will provide an enclosed children's playground area, spaces for picnic tables and connecting walkways. The courtyard will also feature a single-story common multipurpose building. There will be 80 two-bedroom units and four three-bedroom units. A leasing and administration office will be located on the first level off of the public parking lot. It will also provide several offices for supporting staff as well as maintenance personnel.

The scope of work includes providing related sitework, parking areas and an approved, automatic, fire sprinkler system throughout the apartment complex (per NFPA 13R) and the common building (per NFPA 13). The complex has fire truck access from streets on the east and south sides of the site.

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