Chula Vista Animal Shelter
San Diego, California

The Chula Vista Animal Shelter takes advantage of the ideal climatic of southern California. Kennels are completely outdoors and are oriented to face the prevailing winds so that there is always a breeze circulating around the dogs. Curvilinear roof forms catch the wind and contribute to the air flow. The outdoor kennel buildings are situated in a heavily landscaped park, which contains trellised walkways and an amphitheater for educational presentations.

The cats are housed inside a rotunda with large windows protected from the sun by overhangs. Visitors walk on the outside of this structure and look through the windows at the cats on their way to viewing the dogs. Get acquainted rooms are strategically placed throughout the animal housing areas for people to visit with a potential adoptee. The comfortable, meandering outdoor setting has made this animal shelter a link with nature and a destination for the citizens of Chula Vista.


2002 Beautification Award, City of Chula Vista

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